International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

The Ankara Mélange: an indicator of Tethyan evolution of Anatolia

Published: Aug 2016

Pages: 403 - 414



Abstract: The Ankara Mélange is a complex formed by imbricated slices of limestone block mélanges (Karakaya and Hisarlıkaya Formations), Neotethyan ophiolites (Eldivan, Ahlat and Edige ophiolites), post-ophiolitic cover units (Mart and Kavak formations) and Tectonic Mélange Unit (Hisarköy Formation or Dereköy Mélange). The Karakaya and Hisarlıkaya formations are roughly similar and consist mainly of limestone block mélange. Nevertheless, they represent some important geological differences indicating different geological evolution. Consequently, the Karakaya and Hisarlıkaya formations are interpreted as Eurasian and Gondwanian marginal units formed by fragmentation of the Gondwanian carbonate platform during the continental rifting of the Neotethys in the Middle Triassic time. During the latest Triassic, Neotethyan lithosphere began to subduct beneath the Eurasian continent and caused intense deformation of the marginal units. The Eldivan, Ahlat and Edige ophiolites represent different fragments of the Neotethyan oceanic lithosphere emplaced onto the Gondwanian margin during the Albian–Aptian, middle Turonian and middle Campanian, respectively. The Eldivan Ophiolite is a NE–SW trending and a nearly complete assemblage composed, from bottom to top, of a volcanic-sedimentary unit, a metamorphic unit, peridotite tectonites, cumulates and sheeted dykes. The Eldivan Ophiolite is unconformably covered by Cenomanian–Lower Turonian sedimentary unit. The Eldivan Ophiolite is overthrust by the Ahlat Ophiolite in the north and Edige Ophiolite in the west. The Ahlat ophiolite is an east–west oriented assemblage comprised of volcanic-sedimentary unit, metamorphic unit, peridotite tectonites and cumulates. The Edige Ophiolite consists of a volcanic-sedimentary unit, peridotite tectonites, dunite, wherlite, pyro­xenite and gabbro cumulates. The Tectonic Mélange Unit is a chaotic formation of various blocks derived from ophio­lites, from the Karakaya and Hisarlıkaya formations and from post-ophiolitic sedimentary units. It was formed during the collision between Anatolian Promontory and Eurasian Continent in the middle Campanian time.

Keywords: Ankara Mélange, Neotethys, geodynamic evolution, Anatolia, Turkey

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