International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

Revision of Anomopterella Rasnitsyn, 1975 (Insecta, Hymenoptera, Anomopterellidae) with two new Middle Jurassic species from northeastern China

Published: Oct 2014

Pages: 365 - 374



Abstract: New Anomopterella Rasnitsyn, 1975, wasps from the Jiulongshan Formation (Bathonian/Callovian) at Daohugou (Inner Mongolia of China), with well-preserved wings, body, antennae and tarsi, document relationship among species and enhance our understanding of the morphology of the extinct family Anomopterellidae Rasnitsyn, 1975. Based on eight well-preserved specimens, we describe, A. pygmea sp. n. and A. brevis sp. n., describe new materials of A. ovalis Li, Rasnitsyn, Shih & Ren, 2013, and A. ampla Li, Rasnitsyn, Shih & Ren, 2013, emend the genus in Anomopterellidae (A. pygmea sp. n. with toruli and eyes), and provide a determination key to species of the genus, including four specimens outside the formal classification.

Keywords: Fossil insect assemblage, new species, extinct parasitoids, Middle Jurassic, Jiulongshan Formation, Daohugou, China

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