International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

Th-U-Pb dating of monazite from the Cretaceous uranium vein mineralization in the Permian rocks of the Western Carpathians

Published: Dec 2005

Pages: 493 - 502


Abstract: Th-U-Pb dating of monazite confirms the Permian age 278±11 Ma of rhyolite tuff in the Northern Gemericum. This rock was a protolith for stratiform U-Mo mineralization formed during the Late Permian by ground water. The Permian formations and stratiform mineralization are cut by younger vein and stockwork mineralization near Novoveska Huta and Krompachy. The quartz vein with uranium mineralization in Krompachy is accompanied by albite, rutile, sulphides, xenotime-(Y) and rare monazite-(Ce). Th-U-Pb dating of the vein monazite gives the Cretaceous age 124±10 Ma of remobilized vein uranium mineralization.

Keywords: Gemericum, age, vein mineralization, electron microprobe monazite dating, rhyolite tuff

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Volume 56 no. 6 / December 2005