International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

Unravelling the tectonic phases: The impact of the South Caspian Block on Late Cenozoic deformation in the Central Alborz, Iran

Published: Dec 2023

Pages: 489 - 500



Abstract: Paleostress reconstruction through polyphase fault-slip data of a multi-deformed region suffered collisional tectonics can lead to detecting the stress phases. Based on earthquakes’ focal mechanisms and morphotectonic features, multiple deformation phases model has been proposed for the Alborz Mountains located in the collision zone between the Arabian (Central Iran) and Eurasian (South Caspian block) plates during the Late Cenozoic. In this study, paleostress analysis has been carried out in an area bounded by two (Kandovan and Taleghan) regional faults in the Central Alborz Mountains using fault-slip data. This analysis resulted in the identification of three main tectonic phases. The first, compressional phase is proposed to cause the inversion of the Alborz Mountains’ major initial normal faults to reverse faults during the convergence of the Arabian and Eurasian plates. The second, transpressional phase is offered as a factor for the reactivation of the hidden Alborz basement faults to form the NE-striking left-lateral strike-slip faults on the sedimentary cover. The third, transtensional phase is suggested to be responsible for the development of the NNE–SSW left-lateral transtensional faults. It is proposed that the second and third paleostress phases are affected mainly by the indentation of the South Caspian Block into the Alborz Mountains during the Late Cenozoic.

Keywords: South Caspian Block, Central Alborz, paleostress analysis, Late Cenozoic deformation

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