International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

Detrital zircon age constraints on low-grade sedimentary successions of the eastern Circum-Rhodope Belt, Bulgaria

Published: Dec 2023

Pages: 459 - 468



Abstract: We focused on the eastern Circum-Rhodope belt (CRB) low-grade sedimentary sequences in Bulgaria, in which clastic rocks are presented. U–Pb detrital zircon geochronology indicates the latest Late Jurassic maximum depositional ages of two samples from two distinct locations. Prominent Jurassic zircon cluster in the first sample is consistent with provenance from CRB-related Evros arc, whereas the Triassic zircons come from the high-grade basement. In the second sample, the main Permian and Carboniferous zircon populations, minor Triassic clusters and two Jurassic zircons reflect a provenance mainly from the high-grade basement and to a lesser extent from the Evros arc. These new results indicate latest Late Jurasic sedimentation proximal to the Evros arc (CRB) and along the continental margin of Eurasia (Rhodope), respectively for the studied first and second sample. The results further support the presence of Mesozoic (Jurassic) oceanic lithosphere mantle remnants within the metamorphic basement of the eastern Rhodope Massif. The results obtained shed new light and could open a discussion on the Late Jurassic clastic sedimentation along the transect from the continental margin of Eurasia (Rhodope) towards the Evros arc system of the eastern CRB.

Keywords: U–Pb geochronology, metasedimentary rocks, Circum-Rhodope Belt, Bulgaria

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