International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

Dasycladalean alga Furcoporella diplopora Pia (1918) from the type-locality (upper Paleocene–Eocene, Radstadt, Austria): new remarks and taxonomic implications

Published: Apr 2019

Pages: 183 - 190



Abstract: The dasycladalean green alga Furcoporella diplopora Pia (1918) exhibits a peculiar structure comprising pairs of diverging and rather indistinct pores. Because of such structure, the genus Furcoporella has been a matter of debate. Currently, there is still no agreement on its taxonomic position within Dasycladales. This paper provides a re-description of the type-species F. diplopora Pia (1918), based on Pia’s type material from the upper Paleocene to Eocene reworked carbonates of Radstadt/Pongau, Austria. New observations carried out on this material allowed the acquisition of additional and more complete data on this quite neglected alga. Some morphological characteristics of the thallus, specifically of the laterals are discussed and a suite of potential taxonomic implications are evaluated. Finally, according to interpretations the genus Furcoporella is ascribed to the Family Triploporellaceae and more specifically it should be placed within the tribe Thyrsoporelleae.

Keywords: micropaleontology, taxonomy, green algae, Dasycladales, Furcoporella

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