International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

Upper Tithonian Himalayitidae Spath, 1925 (Perisphinctoidea, Ammonitina) from Le Chouet (Drôme, France): implications for the systematics

Published: Apr 2015

Pages: 117 - 132



Abstract: This contribution focuses on the late Tithonian ammonite faunas belonging to the Family Himalayitidae Spath in the key-section of Le Chouet (Drôme, France). The great majority of specimens from the Mediterranean Tethys, previously referred to Durangites Burckhardt, are now interpreted as juveniles and/or microconchs of the highly variable species Protacanthodiscus andreaei (Kilian). Moreover, comparison between specimens from France, Spain and Bulgaria formerly assigned to Durangites astillerensis Imlay and the type material of this species, supports the introduction of Boughdiriella chouetensis gen. nov. et sp. nov. Further, the revision of the type specimens of D. astillerensis and Durangites of the D. vulgaris group shows that the former species deserves a new generic status, for which Parrasiella gen. nov. is erected. Toucasiella, previously only known from Spain and Tunisia, is also reported for the first time from south east France. The revision of the “Mediterranean Durangites” supports the rejection of a Durangites spp. Zone as part of the standard zonation for the upper Tithonian, and its replacement by the P. andreaei Zone ( = D. vulgaris Zone sensu Sarti, 1988).

Keywords: Himalayitidae, late Tithonian, Mexico, ammonite faunas, taxonomy, Mediterranean Tethys

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