International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

Paleocene sedimentary record of ridge geodynamics in Outer Carpathian basins (Subsilesian Unit)

Pages: 35 - 54


Abstract: The stratigraphic position of the Goryczkowiec Sandstone reflects the Paleocene ridge geodynamics in the Outer Carpathian basins. The Goryczkowiec Sandstone was deposited on the slope of a ridge, known as the Subsilesian Sedimentary Area that originated during reorganization of the Outer Carpathian realm. A Paleocene age of this sand- stone, documented clearly by autochthonous foraminiferal and algal assemblages indicates the time of the final forma- tion of the Subsilesian Ridge. Abundant calcareous material of biogenic origin was transported by turbidity currents into deeper zones. This material includes fragments of carbonate buildups represented by algae, bryozoans and other organisms growing in the shallower part of the ridge. The Goryczkowiec Sandstone, previously known as the Szydłowiec Sandstone, is here redefined as a new lithostratigraphic unit within the Subsilesian Sedimentary Area in the marginal Outer Carpathians in Poland. The new name clarifies the ambivalence in the lithostratigraphic nomenclature.

Keywords: Paleocene, Outer Carpathians, Subsilesian Sedimentary Area, paleoenvironmental study, stratigraphy, red algae, foraminifera

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