International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

Geochronology of the Neogene intrusive magmatism of the Oa —Gutâi Mountains, Eastern Carpathians (NW Romania)

Published: Dec 2013

Pages: 483 - 496



Abstract: Earlier geological work in the Oa —Gutâi Mts (OG), Eastern Carpathians, has revealed the extensive pres- ence of shallow subvolcanic intrusive bodies, both exposed on the surface and covered by Paleogene-Neogene sedimen- tary sequences and Neogene volcanic formations. This study is based on detailed mapping and sampling of the OG Neogene intrusive magmatic rocks. Thirty seven representative intrusions (sills, dykes, microlaccoliths, etc.) were selected for radiometric dating. These intrusions show a wide variety of petrographic rock-types: from microgabbros to microgranodiorites and from basalts to andesites. However, the intrusions consist of typical calc-alkaline, medium-K rocks, similar to the volcanic rocks which outcrop in the same areas. The K-Ar age determinations on whole-rock samples of intrusions yielded ages between 11.9 Ma and 7.0 Ma (from Late Sarmatian to Middle Pannonian). The results are in good agreement with the common assumption, based on the biostratigraphic and geological data, that large volumes of intrusions have formed during the paroxysm of the intermediate volcanic activity in the OG. Except for the Firiza basalt intrusive complex of the Gutâi Mts (8.1—7.0 Ma), the OG intrusions show similar K-Ar ages as the intru- sions of the “Subvolcanic Zone” and Călimani Mts from Eastern Carpathians. The timing of the OG intrusive magmatism partially overlaps with the timing of the intrusive magmatic activity in the Eastern Moravia and Pieniny Mts. The systematic radiometric datings in the whole OG give clear evidence that the hydrothermal activity related to the epithermal systems always postdates intrusion emplacement.

Keywords: Neogene, Eastern Carpathians, K-Ar dating, intrusive magmatism, epithermal mineralizations

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Volume 64 no. 6 / December 2013

Volume 64 no. 6