International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

Geochronology and petrogenesis of granitoid rocks from the Goryczkowa Unit, Tatra Mountains (Central Western Carpathians)

Published: Dec 2013

Pages: 419 - 435



Abstract: The geochemical characteristics as well as the LA-MC-ICP-MS U-Pb zircon age relationship between two granitoid suites found in the Goryczkowa crystalline core in the Western Tatra Mountains were studied. The petrological investigations indicate that both granitoid suites were emplaced at medium crustal level, in a VAG (volcanic arc granites) tectonic setting. However, these suites differ in source material melted and represent two different magmatic stages: suite 1 represents a high temperature, oxidized, pre-plate collision intrusion, emplaced at ca. 371 Ma while suite 2 is late orogenic/anatectic magma, which intruded at ca. 350 Ma. These data are consistent with a period of intensive magmatic activity in the Tatra Mountain crystalline basement. The emplacement of granitoids postdates the LP-HT regional meta- morphism/partial melting at ca. 387 Ma and at 433—410 Ma, imprinted in the inherited zircon cores.

Keywords: Western Carpathians, Tatra Mountains, U-Pb zircon geochronology, Goryczkowa granitoids

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Volume 64 no. 6 / December 2013

Volume 64 no. 6