International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

First record of the genus Bronnothyris (Brachiopoda: Megathyrididae) from the Oligocene of the Mainz Basin (Germany)

Published: Jun 2011

Pages: 203 - 209



Abstract: The genus Bronnothyris, with the type species Terebratula bronnii Roemer, 1841, was erected for those Argyrotheca species that have septal flanges extended ventrally from the dorsal valve. Four other Late Cretaceous and one Early Paleocene species were attributed to this genus (i.e. Argyrotheca coniuncta Steinich, 1965, A. lacunosa Steinich, 1965, A. obstinata Steinich, 1965, A. stevensis Nielsen, 1928 and A. rugicosta Zelinskaya, 1975). After examination of Oligocene material from Waldböckelheim, Mainz Basin, Germany we transfer the species Argiope subradiata Sandberger, 1862 into the genus Bronnothyris. This new combination extends the stratigraphic range of Bronnothyris into the Oligocene.

Keywords: Oligocene, Germany, Mainz Basin, Brachiopoda, Megathyrididae, Bronnothyris

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