International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

Middle Devonian palynomorphs from southern Moravia: an evidence of rapid change from terrestrial deltaic plain to carbonate platform conditions

Published: Apr 2011

Pages: 109 - 119



Abstract: Dispersed fossil miospores and acritarchs have been recovered from the subsurface pelites in the Uhrice-1 borehole, southern Moravia. Spores of ferns, sphenopsids and lycopods with rare marine microplankton (acritarchs and chitinozoans) cysts indicate a predominantly continental environment with a limited marine influence. Dispersed miospores with cysts of unicellular marine microplankton confirm the Middle Devonian, most probably early Givetian (AD lem) age of marine transgression in southern Moravia. Thermal alteration of palynomorphs shows average values, with TAI ranging from 2+ to 3+, corresponding to 60–70 °C.

Keywords: Devonian marine transgression, Moravia, basal clastics, miospores, acritarchs

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