International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

The gravity flow dynamics of submarine fan sedimentation in the Magura Basin of the Western Carpathians (Magura Nappe, Slovakia)

Published: Jun 2010

Pages: 201 - 209



Abstract: This article deals with the dynamics of the deep-water gravity flows sedimentation within the Magura Formation. This investigation is based on analysis of the Magura sandstone sedimentary structures studied on the outcrops. The final comparison of the sedimentary structures and cycles with the paleocurrent directions provided an interpretation of the gravity flows dynamics and helped to restore the migration of the sandy lobes in space and time. Three modes of sedimentation are recorded: regular cyclic sedimentation from the lobe, irregular sedimentation from the immature lobe and pelitic sedimentation on the basin plane without the lobe influence. We compared the occurrence of some sedimentary structures with the changes of the current directions and bed thickness. The following interpretations of gravity flow fan dynamics are results of this comparision: the fan consists of one or several lobes, the lobe branches out into branches with the radial current arrangement, the lobes laterally change position and the lobes suddenly die out.

Keywords: Paleogene, Outer Western Carpathians, Magura Formation, paleogeography, submarine fan model, sedimentology, gravity flows

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