International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

Geophysical indirect effect on interpretation of gravity data in Slovakia

Published: Feb 2007

Pages: 97 - 102


Abstract: This paper deals with the proper definition and correct compilation of the Bouguer gravity anomaly that differs from the standard definition repeatedly advocated in the geophysical literature. The difference between the new “correct” definition of the Bouguer anomaly and its “standard” definition has become known in geophysics as the “geophysical indirect effect”. Here we investigate the magnitude and variation of the geophysical indirect effect as a systematic error in gravity data inversion or interpretation in Slovakia. It is found that in Slovakia this effect is of the order of 3 mGal with a spatial variability of about 0.5 mGal over some 100 km. The impact of the geophysical indirect effect on the determination of the depth of a density interface is also estimated. In Slovakia, the impact of this systematic error is of the order of about 300 meters for a density contrast of 300 kg/m3.

Keywords: gravity data, Bouguer anomaly, geophysical indirect effect

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