International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

Central Paratethyan shark fauna (Ipolytarnóc, Hungary)

Published: Feb 2007

Pages: 27 - 40


Abstract: Previously described selachian remains from the Lower Miocene sandstone at Ipolytarnóc (north-eastern Hungary) have been revised, together with recently collected material from the same locality. The fauna is diverse and includes 19 genera with 16 certain species, from which 5 newly reported from this locality (Squalus, Centrophorus, Isistius, Mitsukurina, Scyliorhinidae). The earlier described four species that originated from the area — Notidanus paucidens Koch, 1903, Notidanus diffusidens Koch, 1904, Lamna tarnoczensis Koch, 1903, Oxyrhina neogradensis Koch, 1903 — have been redetermined as Notorynchus primigenius, Carcharias acutissima and Parotodus benedeni. The Chondrichthyes fauna represents a warm-temperate, subtropical climate with wide habitation range that was typical in the Alpine Foreland Basin and the Central Paratethys during the Lower Miocene.

Keywords: Lower Miocene, Paratethys, Ipolytarnoc, molasse, shark teeth

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