International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

NEW TRENDS IN GEOMAGNETISM. PALEO, ROCK AND ENVIRONMENTAL MAGNETISM. 6th Biennial Castle Meeting. Castle of „Hruba Skala“ Czech Republic. August 31–September 5, 1998.

Published: Jun 1998

Pages: 193 - 244


Abstract: Foreword: The 6th scientific meeting “New Trends in Geomagnetism“ follows the previous five meetings, focused on the recent progress in paleomagnetism, rock magnetism and environmental magnetism, held in 1988 in Liblice, in 1990 at Bechyne, in 1992 at Smolenice, in 1994 at Trest and in 1996 at Topolcianky. This jubilee biennal meeting was organized jointly by the Academies of Sciences of the Czech and Slovak Republics and held at the beautiful Czech castle of Hruba Skala. The meeting is traditionally a suitable place for informal discussions and exchange of the latest knowledge among scientists from many European and extra European countries. The general topics are: paleomagnetism and tectonics, archeomagnetism, assessment of quality of the paleomagnetic and rock-magnetic data, general rock magnetism and its physical backround, magnetostratigraphy, environmental magnetism, relations between paleomagnetism and global changes as well as new techniques and approaches.


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