International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

A review of Procházka’s otoliths from Lower Badenian deposits from Moravia, Czech Republic (Langhian, Middle Miocene), primarily from Borač

Published: Apr 2022

Pages: 159 - 171



Abstract: A historic collection of fossil otoliths from V.J. Procházka from the lower Badenian of Moravia, Czech Republic, was recently recovered at the Moravian Museum in Brno. Likely with the intent to publish, Procházka labeled the specimens with original identifications; however, publication never occurred. Procházka’s type-material of his earlier publications, notably that from 1893, remains unrecovered and must be considered lost. Several of the species he described in 1893 are problematic because of his less-than-optimal descriptions and documentation. With this newly recovered material containing his original identifications, it is now possible to select a neotype for one of those problematic species (Otolithus [Berycidarum] kokeni = Diaphus kokeni) and resolve another (Otolithus [Berycidarum] splendidus). Most of the recovered otoliths originated from the deep-water environment of Borač. Although the locality is well studied for otoliths, the recovered collection of Procházka has yielded seven species not previously recorded from the Badenian of the Central Paratethys. One species is described as new: Nezumia prikryli n. sp.

Keywords: otoliths, Czech Republic, Macrouridae, Ophidiidae, Myctophidae, deep water

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