International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

Tanystropheus and other archosauromorph reptile remains from the Middle and Late Triassic of Villány (Villány Hills, Hungary)

Published: Jun 2020

Pages: 264 - 273



Abstract: Tanystropheus and other possible archosauromorph fossils have been discovered from Middle to Upper Triassic shallow marine sedimentary sections in Villány (Villány Hills, southern Hungary). Four fragmentary cervical vertebrae can be assigned to Tanystropheus sp. based on characteristic features including the strongly elongate and hollow vertebral body with extremely reduced neural spine. Besides the cervicals, various teeth, classified into four different morphotypes including longitudinally striated, carinated and ziphodont ones, are thought to belong to archosauromorphs, since they markedly differ from the frequently found teeth of fish and sauropterygians. In addition, three enigmatic cranial bones that might represent some circumorbital elements, have been found as well, and are referred to here as Sauropsida indet. These fossils, originated from the same tectonic unit as those from the Anisian of Bihor (Romania), are of great importance for a better understanding of the poorly known semi-aquatic to terrestrial vertebrate fauna of the Middle to Late Triassic of central Europe

Keywords: Tanystropheus, Archosauromorpha, teeth, vertebrae, Ladinian, Carnian, Hungary

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