International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

Middle Miocene assemblage of insectivores from Bonanza site near Devinska Nova Ves (Slovakia)

Published: Oct 2005

Pages: 433 - 445


Abstract: Eight taxa of insectivores (Lantanotherium aff. sansaniense, Erinaceidae gen. et spec. indet., Talpa minuta, Storchia meszaroshi sp. nov., Plesiodimylus chantrei, Dinosorex cf. zapfei, Soricidae gen. et spec. indet., and ?Lipotyphla gen. et spec. indet.) have been determined in the Middle Miocene micromammal assemblage from Devinska Nova Ves — Bonanza fossil site. This Late Badenian (MN6) insectivore assemblage comprises several new faunal elements including a new form of water-mole (Storchia meszaroshi sp. nov.). These animals inhabitated a forested coast of an insular region neighbouring with freshwater lagoon, marsh or delta. Most of them belong to juvenile specimens.

Keywords: Late Badenian, Slovakia, Devinska Nova Ves, MN6, erinaceids, talpids, dimylids, soricids

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