International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

Forthcoming papers

Volume Authors and title
Volume 69 / 2018 MILAN N. SUDAR, TEA KOLAR-JURKOVŠEK, GALINA P. NESTELL, DIVNA JOVANOVIĆ, BOGDAN JURKOVŠEK, JEREMY WILLIAMS, MICHAEL BROOKFIELD and ALAN STEBBINS: New results of microfaunal and geochemical investigations in the Permian–Triassic boundary interval from the Jadar Block (NW Serbia)
Volume 69 / 2018 MARTIN ONDREJKA, XIAN-HUA LI, RASTISLAV VOJTKO, MARIÁN PUTIŠ, PAVEL UHER, TOMÁŠ SOBOCKÝ: Permian A-type rhyolites of the Muráň Nappe, Inner Western Carpathians, Slovakia: in-situ zircon U-Pb SIMS ages and tectonic setting
Volume 69 / 2018 GREGORY D. PRICE, ISTVÁN FŐZY, ANDRAS GALÁCZ: Carbon cycle history through the Middle Jurassic (Aalenian–Bathonian) of the Mecsek Mountains, Southern Hungary
Volume 69 / 2018 MATHIAS HARZHAUSER, PATRICK GRUNERT, OLEG MANDIC, PETRA LUKENEDER, ÁNGELA GARCÍA GALLARDO, THOMAS A. NEUBAUER, GIORGIO CARNEVALE, BERNARD M. LANDAU, ROMAN SAUER, PHILIPP STRAUSS: Middle and Late Badenian palaeoenvironments in the northern Vienna Basin and their potential link to the Badenian Salinity Crisis
Volume 69 / 2018 GEORGE AJDANLIJSKY, ANNETTE E. GÖTZ and ANDRÉ STRASSER: The Early to Middle Triassic continental-marine transition of NW Bulgaria: Sedimentology, palynology and sequence stratigraphy