International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

Forthcoming papers

Volume Authors and title
Volume 68 / 2017 N. Mancin, M.A. Kaminski: Systematic updates of the agglutinated foraminiferal genus Colominella Popescu, 1998: insights from sectioned specimens
Volume 68 / 2017 K. Holcová: Response of subtropical epicontinental-sea calcareous nannoplankton and foraminiferal assemblages on global Oligocene and Miocene climatic oscillations: A case study from the West Carpathian segment of the Central Paratethys
Volume 68 / 2017 W. Dhraief, F. Dhahri, I. Chalwati & N. Boukadit: Tectonosedimentary framework of Upper Cretaceous–Neogene series in the Gulf of Tunis inferred from subsurface data: Implication for petroleum exploration in northeastern Tunisia
Volume 68 / 2017 M. K. Reiser, R. Schuster, P. Tropper & B. Fügenschuh: A characterization of marbles from the Biharia Nappe System (Apuseni Mountains, Romania) using field-evidence, isotope studies and geothermometry
Volume 68 / 2017 J. Jirásek, Z. Dolníček, D. Matýsek & T. Urubek: Genetic aspects of barite mineralization associated with teschenite in the Silesian Unit, Outer Western Carpathians, Czech Republic
Volume 68 / 2017 M. Dunčić, I. Dulić, O. Popov, G. Bogićević & A. Vranjković: Campanian-Maastrichtian foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the basement of the South Pannonian Basin — a continuation of the Eastern Vardar and Sava Zone in the northern Serbia (Vojvodina)
Volume 68 / 2017 A. Herrero-Hernández, F.J. López-Moro, M.E. Valle-Feijóo, F. Gómez-Fernández & J.R. Rodríguez-Pérez: Mapping of tecto-lineaments and their relation with sedimentological processes using GIS analysis and interpolation technics: the Iberian Trough (Late Cretaceous, Spain) case study