International Geological Journal - Official Journal of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

The resistivity image of the Muran fault zone (Central Western Carpathians) obtained by electrical resistivity tomography

Published: Jun 2012

Pages: 233 - 239



Abstract: The paper describes the application of geophysical prospecting techniques for estimation of the fault’s inclination. The field survey was carried out across the Muran fault structure in the Slovenske rudohorie Mts (central Slovakia). Three different geophysical methods were used to map the fault zone: Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT), induced polarization (IP) and radon emanometry. All these methods have been used to locate the fault zone area, but the principal aims of this research are to test the efficiency of the 2D ERT technique to recognize the geometrical characterization of the fault and to improve our tectonic knowledge of the investigated area. For the synthetic cases, three geometric contexts were modelled at 60, 90 and 120 degrees and computed with the l2 norm inversion method, the l1 norm with standard horizontal and vertical roughness filter and the l1 norm with diagonal roughness filter. In the second phase this geophysical methodology was applied to fieldwork data. Our results confirm that the ERT technique is a valuable tool to image the fault zone and to characterize the general geometry, but also the importance of setting up the right inversion parameters. The main contribution of the geophysical investigations in this case was the determination of the location and confirmation of the inclination of the Muran fault. The result of this study is the ability to make a visual estimation of the direction and dip of the fault. Pursuant to this work the dipole–dipole electrode configuration produces the best resolution, particularly for the location of vertical and dipping structures. The advantage of this array is that it shows the ability to assess the trend of the dip and therefore it can be strongly recommended. The result is also a case study of a small scale tectonic survey involving geophysical methods.

Keywords: Central Western Carpathians, Muran fault zone, geophysical prospecting, electrical resistivity tomography, induced polarization, radon emanometry

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